In an age of smartphones, tablets and online games, it is becoming increasingly important for children to be shown the beautiful playground of Nature. Many parents are not aware that the sport of bouldering offers a great opportunity here.

The Bouldertopo ”Murgtal – bouldering in the valley of unlimited possibilities” is probably the first topo in which kid’s boulders are clearly indicated – and here are a few thoughts about preparation, so that the rock boulder day will be a great change for everyone.

Many parents pack lots of toys to help the kids pass the time. This is unnecessary, however. Anyone who takes the time to look for entertaining activities for the children using the local opportunities that are available will quickly discover how close to nature young people usually are. In addition to the opportunity to spend time with boulders themselves, great games can also be devised, in particular in areas around streams and brooks.  For example, you can build stone figures or small bridges using round, washed-out stones. The driftwood that is often readily available can be used to shape circles, suns or other shapes.

Even the simple act of collecting and sorting stones can bring a feeling of satisfaction to most children and adults, once they become involved.

There are also still some small blocks in Murgtal that have not yet been cleaned and climbed, and these can also be great fun for the little ones. Working together to remove the moss and clean the grips is in itself a great experience. And when one of the kids can then be the first person ever to climb it, this will become an unforgettable feat. It’s even possible that the kids could have even more fun with the moss that has been removed, by building something exciting with it, such as small wooden houses with moss roofs.

Making a fire is also a very popular occupation with children –  although you must always make sure you use an official fireplace!

A boulder excursion for the whole family can start with the Murgtaltopo and a few good ideas. A few other things will, of course, be needed as well: clothing, climbing gear and refreshments are decisive factors for a successful outdoor adventure. Even though the little ones often go bouldering in approach shoes and without magnesium or climbing brushes, they still enjoy having their own climbing shoes. A magnesium pouch and a small brush should be made available to them – because children love doing things just like the grown-ups. Warm clothing is also extremely important: it’s better to have one jacket too many with you than too few. Gloves, warm socks and a cap/headband are also recommended, because the Murgtal Valley is often in the shade and can become quite cold, even on days where the maximum temperatures are quite high. 

Good food is especially important. In addition to the activities themselves, the sheer fact of being outdoors requires a lot of energy. A nutritious meal should therefore already be tucked away at home. Always take enough water with you, as well as something warm to drink (such as tea). Homemade sandwiches, sliced vegetables with a simple quark dip, cereal bars, nuts and dried fruit are perfect for daytime dining in the forest. And if you enjoy making a fire with the children, you can, of course, also barbecue meat and/or vegetables.

So, off to the rocks with the whole family!